Elevating Customer Satisfaction in IT Support

Efficient and effective support processes are the backbone of any IT service company. A German IT service provider, catering to the public sector, recently enhanced its customer satisfaction significantly by deploying process.science's process mining solution in its support and help desk operations.

The Challenge

Before this transformation, the service provider was grappling with protracted processing times and frequent post-processing requirements. This led to lower customer satisfaction, which hindered the growth and reputation of the business.

The Solution

Turning to process.science, the IT service provider harnessed the power of process mining technology. With real-time data insights and analysis, process.science pinpointed inefficiencies and bottlenecks, providing a foundation for process improvements.


After adopting process.science's solution, the German IT service provider saw dramatic improvements in their key metrics. Processing times were slashed by an impressive 30%, while post-processing requirements decreased by a significant 40%.

These improvements in operational efficiency led to an exponential rise in customer satisfaction, which increased by an outstanding 25%.


This partnership between the German IT service provider and process.science showcases the power of process mining technology in optimizing support processes. It's a success story that not only exhibits the potential of data-driven insights but also underlines the role of innovative technology in improving customer satisfaction in the IT service industry.

As the demand for efficient and customer-centric support services grows, process.science's Process Mining solution continues to pave the way for enhanced customer experiences in IT service provision.

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