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Integration of process.science Process Mining in Qlik Sense

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process.science analyzes your business processes with low expense in usually no more than two days. The groundwork doesn’t require laborious, subjectively perceived staff interviews. Our process mining tool for Qlik Sense transfers all events from your ERP system and displays it in an interactive process chart. In this way it makes your actual business operations fully transparent without subjective influence.

ps4qlk Process Analyzer Details Page for Qlik Sense.
ps4qlk Process Analyzer Rework Page for Qlik Sense.
ps4qlk Process Analyzer Automation Page for Qlik Sense.
ps4qlk Variants Analyzer for Qlik Sense.
ps4qlk Process Analyzer Token Replay Animation for Qlik Sense.

Process Optimization with Qlik Sense: An Introduction

Qlik Sense is a leading platform for business intelligence and data visualization, unleashing the power of data to drive your business forward. When paired with Process Mining, Qlik Sense can play a transformative role in your process optimization strategy.

Qlik Sense and Process Mining: A Powerful Duo

Visualization of processes with a deviating process.

Qlik Sense and process.science bring the world of data visualization and process analysis together. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful data analysis engine, Qlik Sense offers a unique approach to Process Mining.

Process Mining Implementation in BI-Systems.

With this combination, you can transform complex process data into easy-to-understand visual representations. These visualizations enable you to pinpoint bottlenecks, identify inefficient workflows, and uncover areas for improvement.

Visualization of a process data analysis.

Moreover, Qlik Sense can seamlessly integrate with a multitude of data sources, making it an ideal platform for Process Mining. No matter where your process data originates, Qlik Sense can bring it together and analyze it, providing you with a comprehensive view of your processes.

Our Qlik Sense Solution for Process Mining

Visualization of an open book.

We offer a tailored Qlik Sense solution for Process Mining. With our solution, you can visualize and analyze process data in real-time. You can define and track Key Performance Indicators to monitor the efficiency of your processes.

Visualization of a compliance violation found.

Furthermore, our solution enables the discovery of patterns and correlations in your process data to identify opportunities for improvement.


Qlik Sense as a Key to Process Optimization

With Qlik Sense and process.science Process Mining, you can transform your data into meaningful insights and make informed decisions for process optimization. Harness the power of Qlik Sense to make your processes transparent and continually improve them. Discover the possibilities that Qlik Sense offers for your Process Mining needs.

A little taste

The three videos below demonstrate a few possibilities of our process mining tool in Qlik Sense. No more blind flight. No more decisions based on assumptions. Complete process transparency at all times: process data don’t lie.

Lead Times

This use case shows average lead times of diverse product categories, from order confirmation to delivery. process.science for Qlik Sense identifies call orders with exceptionally long lead times, when the supplier is being used as an external warehouse. This example also shows the production figures of product categories. During further proceedings, every production number can be allocated to a client and order.

Cost Savings

This video shows receivables followed by payment reminders, which have been closed out although no payment was received. This use case also identifies the particular clients and order values. process.science for Qlik Sense helps finding receivables that have been closed by mistake.

Target Process Divergences

process.science for Qlik Sense runs all process sequences through its target process filter and identifies divergences from the target. These separated cases can be broken down into all levels, e.g. order, client, turnover, underlying lead times and more.

Test Process Mining
for Qlik Sense

This interactive demo guides you through some process events and process filters.


Amongst many benefits
ps4qlk also features

Direct Integration

Embedded in your existing Business Intelligence tool. Functionality in your familiar system environment.

Efficient Implementation

Quick embedding into your systems, minimal expenditure of cost & time to a working process mining solution.

Best Practices

Take advantage of our experience in process analysis and process mining projects with various BI- and ERP systems.

Absolute Data Security

The data remain in your BI systems and does not leave the company.

Risk-free Installation

No changes to your software systems and no interference in your day-to-day business.

Lifetime Updates

Benefit from each of our innovations through continuous lifetime updates.

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