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Intuitive visualization of outliers and improvement potentials.

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Our Process Mining tools display for every step in realtime, where outliers currently occur, to correct them before they establish. Improve lead times, costs and quality. Reduce commercial risks through process optimization.


The Importance of Process Improvement

In today's business world, continuous process improvement is essential for success. It can help to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.
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Core concepts

Mastering process optimisation: analysis, strategy and technology

Pathways to Process Optimization

Process optimization refers to the actions taken to make a business process more efficient. This can be achieved by eliminating bottlenecks, reducing waste, or improving workflows. Process optimization can also be achieved through the use of technologies such as Process Mining and Data Science, which provide data-driven insights into process performance.

The Role of Process Analysis

Process analysis is the first step towards process improvement and optimization. It involves the systematic examination of business processes to understand how they work, where the weak points are, and how they can be improved. Process analysis uses a variety of methods and tools to visualize, quantify, and understand processes.

Our Approach to Process Improvement and Optimization

As a leading IT firm, we specialize in process improvement and optimization. We use advanced tools and technologies to provide you with data-driven insights that you can use to improve and optimize your business processes. Process Mining plays a pivotal role in process analysis. Our approach is designed to help you continually improve your processes and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
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Process Improvement for Business Success

Process improvement and optimization are key elements for business success. With the right strategy and the right tools, you can make your processes more efficient, reduce costs, and improve your customer satisfaction. Discover how our services can help you optimize your business processes through Process Mining and drive your business forward.
We can change that. By Process Mining.

many advantages

Advantages of Process Mining

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Visualization of a process data analysis.

Objective Analysis

Process analysis based on existing data of your systems, no subjective estimations.

Visualization of processes with a deviating process.

Process Transparency

Compare your target processes with reality and adjust in case of deviations.

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Best Practices

Take advantage of our experience in process analysis and process mining projects with various BI- and ERP systems.

Process Mining Implementation in BI-Systems.

Short implementation times

Our solutions can be integrated into your existing BI systems with little effort.

Visualization of a compliance violation found.

See compliance violations

Ensure that all business processes run according to internal and external guidelines.

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Missing transparency


Medium-sized companies usually work on a base of established, informal process structures. They often lack an overview of optimization and economic potentials until already existing difficulties become obvious and expensive to solve. Instead of identifying and eliminating sources of error in advance, errors are being analyzed and corrected after they occured.

We can change that. By Process Mining.

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Visualize. Understand. Optimize.


Visualize. Understand. Optimize.
We put your company in the position to independently visualize all processes in a graph and analyze them at any time. delivers out-of-the-box-solutions for Qlik Sense and Microsoft Power BI. opens the door to your business processes and supports you on the way to process automation.


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