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Process Mining Tool - your processes at a glance

Companies are facing a variety of challenges, particularly due to increasing compliance requirements. It is therefore all the more important to increase the efficiency of internal processes.

With the process mining tool, you can identify compliance risks and uncover inefficiencies. Our software solutions provide you with a data-based foundation for gaining critical insights into process flows and making informed decisions.

The process mining tool integrates seamlessly with leading business intelligence solutions such as Microsoft Power BI and Qlik Sense. It does not require any separate software, so you can start analysing processes immediately without risking data leaks.

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Our Process Mining Tool

Data collection with process mining tools: how it works

Process mining provides companies with in-depth insights intointernal processes and enables them to organise them more efficiently with the help of the knowledge gained.

A minimal event log consists of the following three pieces of data: a case id, linking all events of a specific business case. The name of the activity, which describes which process step was carried out. And the timestamp, which describes the time at which a particular activity took place.

This information is processed in realtime, which enables dynamic process monitoring and analysis. Data is collected automatically within the existing software environment, eliminating errors and ensuring high data quality and integrity.

intelligent analysis

Process Mining software - intelligent analysis for maximum process efficiency

Our process mining tools, ps4pbi and ps4qlk, offer a wide range of intuitive functions with which you can analyse business processes and convert raw data into usable insights. Increase efficiency in your company by deriving targeted optimisations from the results obtained.

How process mining optimises your business processes

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Our process mining solution transfers all relevant event data from your source systems and converts it into interactive process diagrams. Using various analysis and filter functions, you can sort the processes according to organisational units, product groups or regions, for example, and dive deep into individual activities and transitions. The intuitive visualisation makes processes transparent and enables efficient design.

Process Mining Implementation in BI-Systems.

You can also use lead time analyses to determine where your processes are coming to a standstill. Our process mining tools visualise processes, for example using clear swimlane diagrams that make weak points easy to identify. The causes of bottlenecks can be narrowed down using the numerous filter options.

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The data from your systems is effortlessly merged, giving you a comprehensive overview of your business processes and enabling you to make targeted optimisations.

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Based on the process analysis, measures for process optimisation can be derived directly and transferred into key performance indicators (KPIs and PPIs). Integration into your BI solution enables a seamless connection to RPA tools, allowing sub-processes to be automated.

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Our modern process mining technology allows you to carry out simulations and evaluate the effects of process adjustments in advance. The ability to run through various scenarios in advance allows you to make strategic decisions and proactively design business processes.

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Process mining tools - flexible & immediately usable

Thanks to their uncomplicated implementation, our process mining tools are ready for use in just a few clicks. They are not a stand-alone solution, but can be seamlessly embedded in your BI solution. The implementation effort is minimal and the training effort is largely eliminated as the tools work in the familiar software environment.

We offer you a scalable solution for process analysis that can be customised to the needs of your company. Even large volumes of data can be processed without any problems.

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Flexibility with process software: In the cloud or on-premise

Our process mining tools can be used both on-premise and in the cloud, depending on your equipment and preferences. In both cases, absolute data security is guaranteed at all times.

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Process improvement with tools from

Transform internal processes with the help of our process analysis software. Use our analysis tools to uncover potential savings and create capacities. We support you every step of the way.

Advantages of our process analysis software at a glance

With the process management tools from, you can realise enormous potential - with minimal effort

Maximum transparency

Get a realistic picture of your processes based on objective data. Recognise weaknesses and uncover best practices.

More efficiency

Speed up processes and discover potential savings. With our process mining tool, you can even optimise your CO2 footprint.

Compliance management

Recognise compliance risks at an early stage and ensure that guidelines are adhered to.

Increase satisfaction

By eliminating disruptive factors and organising processes more efficiently, you ensure greater satisfaction all round.

Simple implementation

Integrate the process mining tools directly into your BI solution - on-premise or in the cloud.

Low training costs

Your employees are already familiar with the BI tools, so training is largely unnecessary.

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