Revolutionizing Patient Journey in Dutch Hospitals

In an era where patient satisfaction is paramount to the success of healthcare institutions, hospitals are ceaselessly seeking innovative strategies to optimize their patient journey. A prominent Dutch hospital group, in its pursuit of this objective, has revolutionized its patient journey using's process mining solution.

The Challenge

Before implementing the Process Mining solution, the hospital group faced multiple challenges, including extended waiting times, inefficient scheduling, and inconsistent communication, which significantly affected patient satisfaction. The need for a solution that could dissect and analyze these process intricacies was evident.

The Solution offered a robust process mining solution, a groundbreaking technology that leverages real-time data to identify process inefficiencies and devise strategies for improvement. With its ability to map the entire patient journey, from admission to discharge, it gave the hospital group an unprecedented insight into its operations.


Following the implementation of the solution, the Dutch hospital group saw a dramatic improvement in key performance indicators. Waiting times were cut by a remarkable 35%, and patient satisfaction scores increased by an impressive 20%.

Additionally, through's data-driven insights, the hospital group identified bottlenecks and inefficiencies in their workflow. This enabled them to streamline processes, leading to a significant 25% improvement in overall operational efficiency and lowered costs while improving quality.


The collaboration between the Dutch hospital group and demonstrated the transformative potential of process mining technology in healthcare. By unveiling hidden inefficiencies, optimizing workflows, and ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction,'s solution proved instrumental in the Dutch hospital group's journey towards delivering superior patient care.

This success story serves as a testament to how leveraging data and innovative technology can significantly improve the patient journey in hospitals. As healthcare systems worldwide continue to evolve, the need for such cutting-edge solutions will become increasingly evident, making a strong case for the role of Process Mining in shaping the future of healthcare.

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